Hi, I'm Deandra!

My passions lay in helping women who know what it means to be staring up at the ceiling from the floor. I’ve been in that position, and it ain’t pretty. Prior to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur named both a Top VIP Professional Under 40 and a Leading Woman Under 40 in the state of Maryland … prior to becoming an adjunct professor, before leading a successful career in Interior Styling and Home Staging that landed me on HGTV and in the Washington Post, before graduating magna cum laude with my MBA and earning certifications from Wharton and Cornell, I was a single mom on welfare who didn’t know how I was going to give my son the life I knew he deserved and that I wanted. 

After all of the heartbreak and setbacks, I fought my way back to reach new heights and have now clambered down the corporate corridor, climbed the corporate ladder, and made it to the C-Suite.  But, after living both sides of the proverbial coin, what I ultimately realized is that I wanted more from life than just slogging away for 40+ hours a week with only a measly two-weeks paid vacation to look forward to.  

What I wanted was to really build my luxe life Beyond the C-Suite. To experience a limitless life full of elevated luxury, ease and flow. To live a life in line with my core values and to share them with others like me.  This is why I’ve created a space where high-powered Black executive women like me who don’t want to settle for the status quo any longer, can envelop themselves with luxury travel, good food, good wine, good people and laughter.  These are the things that I want my tribe to experience. Through my personal blog, My Life Beyond The C-Suite, I share my journey.  And through my membership, The Luxury Suite, I help black women experience and craft their elevated lifestyle with ease, worthiness and abundance.